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Kelly - “The Westcoast Piercing Guy”

President / Piercer/ Jewelry Specialist


Kelly Brookes, affectionately known as "The Westcoast Piercing Guy," has carved a unique niche for himself in the body piercing industry through dedication, innovation, and a commitment to safety and quality. Born into the era of Gen X, Kelly found himself immersed in the booming popularity of body piercing during the 1990s, a time when piercings were transitioning from subculture to mainstream fashion statement.

Driven by a desire to understand and improve the industry's standards, Kelly embarked on a journey of exploration and education. Despite initial discomfort with blood, needles, and causing pain, Kelly's passion for promoting safe piercing practices led him to pursue certification as a piercer in 1999. Armed with knowledge and a mission, he began offering free information sessions to educate the public about health, safety, and aftercare practices.

In 1999, Kelly took a groundbreaking step by establishing a fully licensed mobile body piercing studio, setting a new standard for hygiene and professionalism. This mobile studio allowed him to reach a wider audience attending special events, exhibitions, concerts, and festivals. Kelly's commitment to cleanliness and expertise attracted attention, earning him opportunities to pierce notable figures in the music industry and collaborate with local radio stations such as 104.9 XFM, 99.3 The Fox and Rock 101. He even did an equal rights political campaign with MTV entitled, “Rights to Wear a Ring”.

The year 2001 marked another milestone in Kelly's career with the opening of a showroom in Surrey, British Columbia, boasting the largest selection of body jewelry in Canada. As demand grew, Kelly recognized the synergy between piercings and tattoos, leading to the introduction of the "Ink Den" in 2003. This expansion not only broadened his services but also showcased his keen eye for artistry, despite lacking drawing skills.

Continuing to evolve with the industry, Kelly rebranded his business to "Westcoast Piercing and Ink" in 2011, reflecting its comprehensive offerings. In 2014, he unveiled a larger, state-of-the-art studio, equipped to provide clients with top-tier service under aseptic conditions. Kelly's commitment to excellence was further recognized when Westcoast Piercing became the first Association of Professional Piercers accredited studio in the lower mainland. Continuing his pursuit of knowledge and professionalism, Kelly's dedication to excellence extends beyond technical skills; he actively attends annual APP conferences and participates in ongoing education and accreditation, recognizing the importance of staying updated in a rapidly changing industry.

In 2019, after two decades of success, Kelly made the strategic decision to refocus Westcoast Piercing and Ink on its original passion: body piercing. Responding to market demand, he expanded the piercing department and team, while bidding farewell to the tattoo division after 12 years. Today, Kelly specialises in designing elaborate custom jewelry in 14k and 18k gold, incorporating precious and semi-precious gems (including flawless diamonds), creating stunning ear curations and specialising in intimate piercings.

With over 25 years of experience, Kelly Brookes remains a trusted authority in the body piercing industry, dedicated to realising his clients' dreams while upholding the highest standards of safety and professionalism. He attributes his success to the thousands of individuals who have placed their trust in him and his team, providing clients with top-notch service, expertise, and care, making dreams a reality one piercing at a time.

Julie “Jewels” - Manager/Piercer/Jewelry Specialist


Julie is a multi-talented professional with a diverse background in the beauty industry. With over 35 years of experience, Julie has honed her skills in makeup artistry, hair styling, modelling, and body piercing to become a sought-after expert in her field.

Julie's journey in the beauty world began with her passion for makeup artistry and hair styling. She quickly made a name for herself, not only for her impeccable skills but also for her commitment to providing exceptional service to her clients. Her talent and dedication led her to establish her own successful business in Beauty Consulting, where she offered personalised beauty solutions to individuals seeking to enhance their appearance and confidence.

As Julie's career progressed, so did her desire to share her knowledge and expertise with others. She transitioned into instructional roles, teaching various courses in Makeup Artistry, Exotic Hair Braiding techniques, and Self-Improvement. Her nurturing approach and ability to empower her students earned her recognition as a mentor and role model in the industry.

Recognizing the importance of safety and care in her profession, Julie pursued First Aid training, becoming a Qualified Level One First Aid Instructor and obtaining her Level 3 in Occupational First Aid. This additional expertise not only enabled her to provide the best possible care for her clients but also highlighted her commitment to their well-being.

Julie discovered that her true passion lies in the art of body piercing. Her dedication to her craft led her to join Westcoast Piercing, where she apprenticed under renowned piercer Kelly Brookes and continues to expand her skills. Drawing on her extensive experience, she specialises in adorning her clients with custom jewelry and providing expert piercing services.

Driven by a desire for continuous improvement, Julie has furthered her education by attending several Fakir Intensives Body Piercing courses in San Francisco. She is a proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP), actively participating in annual conferences for the last 10 years to stay updated on the latest industry trends and techniques.

Julie's reputation precedes her, with clients travelling long distances to experience her calming influence and professionalism firsthand. Specialising in all female intimate piercings, Julie is known for her compassionate demeanour and ability to make her clients feel comfortable and at ease.

Julie is more than just a piercer; she is a mentor, educator, and advocate for self-expression. With her knowledge, natural kindness, and professional manner, Julie is dedicated to helping others become the best versions of themselves through the art of body adornment.

Pyper - Apprentice Piercer

Apprentice Piercer


Pyper is the newest member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) at Westcoast Piercing. Her journey with body piercing is nothing new. Through her teen years, she used piercing as a way to express her neurodivergent inner self and "decorate her avatar", if you will.

Growing into adulthood and in discovering her queerness, she was able to fully embrace her desire to shine outwardly in the ways she felt inside. At 26, she decided she wanted to be able to help others feel at home in their own skin as she'd come to feel, and began pursuing her career in body piercing.

Beginning with a 3 day course in September 2022, she quickly realised that she had so much left to learn and a roaring desire to go out and learn it. In October, she found herself nervously walking through the front doors of Westcoast Piercing in hopes this would be the thing she'd felt was missing throughout her life.

She began her apprenticeship in November, and by December confidently knew she had finally found her calling. Spending the following months absorbing every minute detail her AuDHD head could handle, in March 2023 she jetted off to San Francisco to continue her education at the Fakir Intensive Basics in Body Piercing course. This experience made her fall even more in love with the art of body piercing.

Passing with flying colours and returning home, she is excited each day to learn everything possible to help others feel as comfortable and confident in themselves & their "avatars" as she has come to. While her journey is still just beginning, it's one she truly hopes never ends, and is so thankful to have found somewhere to call home at Westcoast Piercing.

Kennedy - Apprentice Piercer

Apprentice Piercer


Kennedy is the newest member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) at Westcoast Piercing. She has a background in makeup artistry, and has always loved educating and helping her clients find ways to express themselves.

This is one of the many reasons Kennedy has started her career in body piercing. Kennedy has attended and completed a Fakir Intensives Course in San Francisco, giving her a well educated start into the industry.

In her free time, Kennedy loves camping outdoors, travelling when she can, and is a huge book worm. Kennedy is known for her bright bubbly personality and is excited to share with all her Westcoast Piercing client family!

Luke - Piercer/Jewelry Specialist


Originally from Toronto, Luke Taylor recently embarked on an exciting journey, making the big move across the country. With eight years of industry expertise under his belt, Luke is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable piercing experience tailored to each client.

Throughout his career, Luke has developed a deep appreciation for the art of piercing. While he finds joy in performing a variety of piercings, from simple ear lobes to intricate surface piercings. His true passion lies in creating unique experiences for his clients.

Having pierced all over Canada, Luke has had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow piercers and expand his knowledge along the way. Now, he's thrilled to have found his home at Westcoast Piercing, where he looks forward to continuing his journey and bringing his expertise to the vibrant community on the coast.

Alex - Piercer/Jewelry Specialist


Alex's journey into body piercing started in 2019 and ignited a flame of passion that burns brightly to this day. Hailing from Montreal, Alex's transition to the Westcoast only deepened his connection to the art of self-expression through body modification.

Within the confines of the studio, Alex finds both refuge and inspiration, channelling his dedication and artistry into each meticulously executed piercing. His commitment to excellence is palpable, as he approaches each procedure with a blend of professionalism and creative flair.

Beyond his work, Alex finds fulfilment in the tranquillity of outdoor escapades and communing with nature's beauty. He also indulges in cultural pursuits, including live concerts, and harbours a passion for immersive experiences in video games and other nerdy realms.

Despite his diverse interests, Alex's devotion to his craft remains unwavering. He maintains a proactive approach to ongoing education and skill refinement, ensuring the highest standards of safety and proficiency in his practices.

For Alex, body piercing transcends mere adornment; it's a conduit for self-expression and empowerment.

Each piercing he creates is a testament to his passion, leaving a lasting impact on those he serves.