Piercing Process

Westcoast Piercing uses only sterile implements, tools and implant grade jewelry with all new piercings. This means that not only are the needles and jewelry sterile, but so is every aspect of the procedure.

Prior to all procedures you are required to complete a release form. You will then receive recommendations of appropriate jewelry suitable for your anatomy and your desired piercing and placement.

A comprehensive aftercare booklet and jewelry manual is provided with every piercing procedure.

All procedures are performed by a skilled piercer, wearing a fresh pair of nitrile gloves, ensuring the piercing site is clean and germ free by cleansing the area with an alcohol wipe or antimicrobial cleanser. The piercing site is examined and marked for best placement, then iodine is applied to keep the area free of germs. Following your visual approval of the marks, the piercer removes all disposables (qtips, cleanser, paper towel, mouthwash) from the tray and discards them along with his/her gloves.

Now the piercer is ready for the sterile setup. The sterile setup includes: 3 ply tray liner, qtips, lubricant, nitrile gloves, paper towel, clamps, receiving tube, needle, taper and jewellery. All needles are silicone or teflon coated single use and are available from 20ga – 4ga.

Most piercings are completed in 1 to 3 seconds. Our goal is to provide the quickest and most comfortable procedure, using various techniques and positioning, using an aseptic technique. All non-oral piercings are gently soothed by blotting Sterile Saline wound wash after completion of the piercing. Some bleeding may occur depending on the site and the gauge size, in which case more sterile qtips or sterile gauze will be used.

The piercer will then show you your new piercing and proceed to clear his/her tray of disposables, spray reusable instruments with an enzymatic foam and discard the needle in an approved sharps container. The piercing area is then thoroughly wiped down with an intermediate surface disinfectant such as Optim TB33.

Your piercer will answer any questions or concerns you may have about your piercing free of charge. We are here to help promote your happy healthy piercings!