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kelly-westcoast-piercing.jpgHe was one of those caught up the in the boom of piercing, trying to become mainstream, while remaining risqué in the 90's.

With the popularity of piercings escalating during the mid 90's, brought on more cases of infections due to improper aftercare, inappropriate jewelry or poor piercing techniques. There seemed to be more inconsistent information on these three things than any other personal service out there and Kelly wanted to know why. Lets face it, don't you want to know that anyone working on your body knows what he/she is talking about.

Kelly saw that many people were being hurt by simple lack of information. Many of these were teens that didn't know there were other options and too naive to ask questions through there excitement. This was the time of infamous infected navels, nostrils and ears. While working two part time jobs and raising two young boys on his own, he thought maybe this was his new calling where he could make a difference and help the next generation to best protect themselves. What a grand idea, only three minor problems. He didn't like blood, didn't like needles and he didn't like to hurt people. He quickly worked through his dislikes, while chasing his dream. Because of his own beliefs and wanting to promote a safe and healthy practice, he extensively researched the body piercing industry through the mid 90's and was certified as a piercer in 1999. He provided free info sessions to assist people to better understand the industry with respect to health, safety and aftercare while working in a few select B.C. Locations.

Kelly enjoyed helping people celebrate their bodys' in a safe way and wanted to take it one step further by being the first person to work hand in hand with the local health authorities to obtain their approval, opening a fully licensed mobile body piercing studio in 1999. It is with this studio that he started attending special events, exhibitions and concerts. He did many a contest for 104.9XFM and 99.3 THEFOX and even pierced some special guests: Offspring, Big Wreck, Slaves on Dope and Swollen Members, just to name a few. He was always there to offer his expertise in a sanitary environment and provide you with a comprehensive aftercare form so you knew exactly what to do, or not to do and leaving you with full access to himself at all times.

In 2001 he opened a full showroom boasting the largest selection of body jewelery in Canada. With the large amount of public exposure and praise it wasn't long before his quaint showroom in Surrey, B. C. to become a known name and hotspot in which people have traveled many a mile to come to.

Kelly knew there was a key element missing in his showroom.......Tattoos! At the end of 2003 he introduced the inevitable, “The Ink Den” . This is where tattoos would be done within the showroom. Being that he had a creative mind and eye for art, but couldn't draw worth a damn, he brought in artists that could. In 2011, changed the name to Westcoast Piercing and Ink.

In 2014 Kelly opened a NEW larger state of the art Piercing and Tattoo studio, where he continues to provide his clients with the best service and care under aseptic conditions. He continues his education by attending numerous courses, including Fakir Intensives. Kelly is now a proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers (APP) and attends the APP Conferences annually, taking numerous courses.

In 2019, after 20 years of excellent service, Kelly returned Westcoast Piercing and Ink back to its roots of his passion, body piercing. Due to overwhelming demand he has expanded the piercing department and team and closed the Tattoo department after 12 years. Kelly now focuses on elaborate custom design jewelry and specializes in male and female intimate piercings and ear projects. Let Kelly put your mind to ease and help make your dreams a reality.




Julie “Jewels” is the Manager and Piercer with Westcoast Piercing

Julie has a background in Makeup Artistry, Hair styling, Modelling, First Aid Training and Body Piercing.

After starting her own successful business in Beauty Consulting, she began teaching various courses on Makeup Artistry, Exotic Hair Braiding techniques and Self Improvement.

Julie was also a Qualified Level One First Aid Instructor and held her Level 3 in Occupational First Aid, which also helps in providing the best care for her clients.

Drawing on over 35 years experience, Julie now focuses on the art of Body Piercing.

She joined Westcoast Piercing as a Piercing Apprentice under Kelly Brookes and has continued her training by attending several Fakir Intensives Body Piercing courses in San Francisco.

She has being piercing for approximately 16 years and is now a proud member of the Association of Professional Piercers. (APP) where she attends the APP Conferences annually and continues her piercing education.

Julie continues to help others to become a “Better version of themselves”, through the adornment of their bodies. She is known for her calming influence and demeanor and has clients traveling distances to perform all body piercing procedures, including intimate piercings on both female and male clients.

Let Julie make you feel comfortable and put your mind at ease with her knowledge and natural kind and professional manner.




Caleb has been with us since March 2019. He is a born and raised Alberta boy and has found a place at Westcoast Piercing.

He graduated from the Fakir Basic piercing course in October 2019 and has an ongoing apprenticeship with Westcoast Piercing.

Caleb has always found a home within the body modification community and is forever modifying and improving his earthy form.

Caleb’s younger self has been using body modification as a form of self expression, exploration and love since he was a pre teen and that has continued in his adult life.

Having such life changing experiences himself, he wishes to share that with the lovely clients of Westcoast Piercing.

Outside of work he enjoys camping and the outdoors. Talk vegan to him and he will love you forever.