Navel Piercings

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The Navel Piercing is most commonly performed at 14 or 12 gauge with a curved bar; rarely, a J-curve or ring. Like the ear, the navel is simply another spot for adornment. Unlike the earlobe, however, navel piercings are not quick and easy to heal. In fact, this piercing is among those with the longest average healing time. One issue is that the abdomen is avascular (lacks blood supply), which causes slow healing. 1 The region is also subject to stress from normal movement of the body and friction from clothing. Because navel piercings can be troublesome, they take some patience and dedication to proper care during the extended healing time. Teenage girls were the original recipients when navel piercings gained popularity, but adults of all ages and gender identities can—and do—get them.
Healing Time: 4-6+ months
Price: $69ea
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