Age Limit

Piercing - 18 years

Minor Piercings with Consent - Ears 4 years, Nostril 13yrs, Navel/Eyebrow 15yrs, Tongue/Septum 16yrs

We require that minors under the age of 18 years provide government ID, or equivalent and be with their parent or legal guardian with matching ID. Siblings or relatives are not considered legal guardians without government documentation.

Parent participation is encouraged! Bringing health, safety and knowledge to the industry is what we do. We are here to help guide you and yours through the entire piercing process with confidence.

Branding - 18 years


Prior to all procedures you will receive appropriate aftercare for the piercing site, choices and recommendations of jewelry and will then complete release form.

Westcoast Piercing is one of the few establishments in BC that provides a completely sterile procedure. This means that not only are the needles and jewelry sterile, but so is every aspect of the procedure.

All procedures are performed by a skilled piercer, wearing a fresh pair of nitrile gloves, ensuring the piercing site is clean and germ free by cleansing the area with an alcohol wipe or antimicrobial cleanser. The piercing site is examined and marked for best placement, then iodine is applied to keep the area free of germs. Following your visual approval of the marks, the piercer removes all disposables (qtips, cleanser, paper towel, mouthwash) from the tray and discards them along with his/her gloves.

Now the piercer is ready for the sterile setup. The sterile setup includes: 3 ply tray liner, qtips, lubricant, nitrile gloves, paper towel, clamps, receiving tube, needle, taper and jewellery. All needles are silicone or teflon coated single use and are available from 20ga – 4ga.

Most piercings are completed in 1 to 3 seconds. Our goal is to provide the quickest and most comfortable procedure, using various techniques and positioning, using an aseptic technique. All non-oral piercings are gently soothed by blotting Sterile Saline wound wash after completion of the piercing. Some bleeding may occur depending on the site and the gauge size, in which case more sterile qtips or sterile gauze will be used.

The piercer will then show you your new piercing and proceed to clear his/her tray of disposables, spray reusable instruments with an enzymatic foam and discard the needle in an approved sharps container. The piercing area is then thoroughly wiped down with an intermediate surface disinfectant such as Optim TB33.

Your piercer will answer any questions or concerns you may have about your piercing free of charge. We are here to help promote your happy healthy piercings!

Due to our Covid-19 Protocols we are temporarily not piercing under the age of 10

Children 4 -12 years

The service fee for childrens lobes is $138, plus the cost of jewelry. All jewelry used for piercing has a 1 year warranty* and is a certified implant grade material. We use 18k gold or titanium standard style earrings with butterfly backs, as it makes the piercing procedure faster and is less uncomfortable for the child. Titanium standard earrings start at $44 each and labrets start at $73 each. 

If you have any further questions or would like to book an appointment, feel free to call the studio, email, or reach out via LiveChat. 


Branding is defined as marking the body with heat. People have been branded for thousands of years as symbols of love, property or ownership, members of risqué clubs and gangs. Every person has their own reason for being branded. The outcome from branding will differ from person to person, as it is an organic modification, rather than an exact one like tattoos or piercing. Results will also differ with location, skin type, body fat, care, etc.For many, the reason for branding focus is based more on the actual experience, rather than on the end results.

We provide three types of branding services:

Fire Direct

Fire Direct is attained by allowing Tibetan incense, pine needles or moxa to burn into the skin. It leaves deep distinctive circles approximately 2-4 times larger than the incense. During the process, expect a slow heat sensation with a superbly ritualistic transcending feeling as the incense gains more heat and then drops off.  Many have said that it has put them into a deep trance.


This is the process of using red hot metal pieces, pressed into the skin repeatedly to form a design. It has the possibility of sharp deep initial trenches from each strike. Initial lines can be straight or curved, up to 1” long and will appear approx. 2mm-3mm wide that will heal to approx. 4mm-7mm wide. This method requires careful planning to execute more intricate designs. Multi-strike is a flash of intense heat that subsides very quickly but can create a hypnotic trance-like feeling with larger applications, often accompanied by soothing rhythmic sounds.


This branding technique is far less primitive. It is the use of a medical cautery unit. Essentially it is a pen that has a tip that heats up, and is used to literally draw the branding on. It is the best method for finer more detailed designs but generally not as deep as strike brands. Initial lines will be 1mm-3mm and heal to 2mm-5mm wide. The designs are done in passes of up to 1” at a time. The sensation of Cautery branding is similar to a tattoo or a 5 minute Fire Direct sitting done in 5 seconds. It is typically not as conducive to ritual as strike or fire direct branding.
*Booked consultations are mandatory to pre-book appointments for all branding


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