This was my first time visiting the shop, having many other piercings at other places. I decided to come to West Coast based on the google reviews and their website.
First off when you walk in to the shop, you can tell the cleanliness just by the smell. They have a large inviting reception area I would call it, with all their jewelry displayed.
Julie and Kelly were both working, and both happened to be piecing someone at the same time. I had Julie. While the piercing I was having done, was super awkward and someone uncomfortable Julie made me feel at ease and comfortable. I could hear Kelly talking to his client and sounded like he was doing the same. You can tell they are both very into what they do, love their job and are enthusiastic about it.
I didn’t ask anything about pricing as I had seen how much the piercing was going to cost online and I didn’t ask about how much the jewelry would be because I was willing to get it no matter what. So better I not even ask and just pay lol. To negate some other reviews, anyone who has done research or has been pierced before should know that high quality jewelry comes with a price tag. If you aren’t willing to pay maybe you shouldn’t be getting pierced in the first place.
Would definitely recommend this pace to others.


We had a fantastic experience here today. We took our 5 month old to get her earlobes pierced today. There are not many places that allow a parent to take their baby/child under 5 years old to get pierced. So when we decided to do it, we did a lot of research about guns vs. needles and which is better. Once we decided to go with needles we started to look for reputable places. It did not take long to find WC piercing and ink.

They have great reviews from customers and have been open for a long time. Julie responded to all my emails so promptly. When we walked in to scope out the shop, we were very impressed. The shop is immaculately clean and everyone was so friendly and helpful.

Julie and Kelly explained everything to us prior to starting, during the procedure as well as post piercing for aftercare instructions. Our baby was not pinned down and we did not once feel scared for our baby. Obviously the baby will cry, but it lasted about 30 secs. Their sterile technique was fantastic, which was the most important part for us as parents (we are both hospital workers and know all about proper sterile techniques). We felt confident with everything and are so happy with our baby's piercing.

We would 100% recommend Julie and Kelly to other parents, family, and friends. You will not be disappointing.

Thank you again!

Pamela L Peterson

I showed up as a walk in on a day that was busy, short staffed by about 3 and while in the process of training a new customer agent. I came in thinking perhaps an appointment was needed but I would take a chance as it was for my birthday. Rather than go away, I agreed to just hang around in case they could fit me in. While I waited, I noticed the vast selection in piercing options. The staff was exceptionally friendly despite the shortage. They took the time to review all health and safety precautions and aftercare as well as explain the differences in options and metals. I noted their commitment to sustaining a high level of professional standards; the extreme cleanliness of the rooms, and the level of absolute professionalism and high standard. They remain at cutting edge in standard, variety, and health and safety. I was highly impressed, especially at how they went out of their way to accommodate me at a stressful day and make my birthday exceptional and successful. I will return for all my piercing needs and would recommend this place first and foremost to anyone.

Jackie Nelson

I only had a piece of jewelry swapped out of my rook piercing, so I can't comment on their piercing services. However, the store has a very nice atmosphere with a huge selection of jewelry. The service was great and I won't hesitate to go there for my next piercing.

Amrita S

Really clean and cute place! Came in because I was having troubles with a piercing I got done at another place and they were so helpful. I will definitely come here for my next piercing.

Kian G

I adore them. They have a cute little family like environment and they're genuinely warm and welcoming. They've been super patient and calm when my wife has gotten piercings in the past, and she's terrified of needles. I will always rep them!

jamal mekaled

I recently had my conch pierced at another shop, which wasn't healing at all due to the ring being too tight (Kaitlyn let me know that) and my body not reacting well to the type of "mystery metal" that was used. Kaitlyn took her time with me while I was deciding on new jewllery as i am quite indecisve, but we both agreed that a stud would be my best option to heal with no bumps.
I ended up getting the CUTEST rose gold bee with a titanium bar and i feel instant relief.
The prices are higher than other shops, but you 100% get what you pay for and i would never think of going anywhere else for a piercing ever again.
Thank you Kaitlyn 🙂

Lauren Lee

Professional, Knowledgeable, Quick -Done right, and super helpful! They go the extra mile! Also best quality jewelery - can't get better!

Lexi Brooks

Got 2 piercings done about a month ago. The place was very clean and professional and the staff was great. I was a bit nervous to get them done but my piercer made me feel very comfortable. Paid more than I had expected as the jewelry was around $100, but you get what you pay for and my piercings turned out great. Haven’t had any problems with healing or anything! Will be coming back for my next one.

Paige Hansen

Hands down the best place I've been to! Everything was as expected from members of the APP. The prices were amazing considering the quality of jewelry they carry. Kelly was very professional and dowright hilarious! I will certainly be going back for all my piercing needs!

Angie Joannette

Professional atmosphere friendly service

Patricia Dobrik

Best piercing experience ever! They were Informative, skilled and amazing! STELLAR!


I love this place! I'm going back for my second (and third) ink by Jayson. The entire staff is super engaging and pleasant and the place is clean and inviting.

Derek Webster

Nice guy. Got a good deal on bday present for gf.

nav singhera

Super awesome, best customer service and so much selection!!

Tiffany Tsai

The staff here are all very friendly and easy going, and they were very nice go accommodate me and my friend for a walk in. Their procedures are very professionally done, and they have an amazing seal cover for when you finish your tattoo. Minimum sitting of $85 is very reasonable, considering the professional and quality work they provide.