COVID-19 Protocols

UPDATED – June 2021

What to Expect at Your Upcoming Visit at Westcoast Piercing: Health & Safety!


  • We have installed 5 stage Hepa Air Exchange systems in the Showroom and Procedure rooms and plexi-glass barriers between staff and clients for maximum protection.
  • Detailed records of each clients visit are kept for contact tracing.
  • Only staff members handle jewelry in order to reduce any possibility of contamination of both sterile and non sterile jewelry.
  • The front door is locked to prevent unsupervised entry
  • There are 6’ markers on the East side of the front door for Appointments.
  • ** Order ONLINE (“Skip The Line”) for faster service.
  • Please call ahead to ensure your order is ready for pick up. Stand by the 6’ markers on the West side of the door and your order will be brought out to you.
  • ALL clients are by Appointment only, including jewelry, aftercare and supply purchases. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early. As these are preset appointments there is very little wiggle room for late comers. Allow yourself extra time to avoid any disappointments in case you’re stuck in traffic, etc.
  • If you arrive without an appointment, please call us from outside, 604.584.BODY (2639) so we can offer you the next available time slot.
  • If you are not feeling well, please call ASAP to reschedule and to allow us to call someone on the waitlist. Thanks from the waitlist and your Piercing Team!
  • Clients will be screened for Covid symptoms before entry.
  • Shorten your wait by COMPLETING & PRINTING both the PIERCING and COVID Release Forms BEFORE you arrive.
  • We accept credit & debit card payment only at this time.
  • Food and drink are not permitted.
  • Please avoid touching your face and jewelry while in the studio.
  • You are required to wear a fitted medical mask and sanitize your hands upon entry, therefore all personal effects must STAY IN your pocket, not on the floor.
  • Once inside, we ask that you remain in the studio until your procedure or purchase is complete and leave your mask on until you have exited the building.
  • 1 friend may enter the studio with you.
  • Children under the age of 13 years are NOT permitted in the Studio at this time. (unless it is a previously authorized child ear lobe piercing appointment)
  • Only the client and piercer is permitted in the procedure rooms unless it is the guardian of a minor. Your friend may be asked to wait outside the studio while the procedure is being done to minimize capacity. They too, must bring only what fits in their pockets.
  • Please note: The seating area has been removed.
  • ** Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has always been an “every day, every procedure” practice in the studio. Due to the nature of Covid-19 we have implemented more extensive PPE practices. Face masks, face shields, protective eyewear and sleeves and aprons are used by all staff during all procedures. Daily health records are recorded for all staff at the beginning of each shift.
  • ** Restrictions and procedures may change with very little notice. We are NOT offering any oral services until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to resume normal operations soon.
  • CLEAN We have added some additional cleaning protocols to our already meticulous standards of disinfection and sterilization. We continue to thoroughly sanitize procedure rooms between each client and disinfect all used surfaces in the studio, such as countertops, pens, ipads, restrooms, door handles etc.
  • Please note: We will decline entry to anyone refusing to wear a mask or with symptoms that may appear to put anyone at risk. Please respect our decision, it is not personal. It is for the benefit of all. We will do our best to rebook your appointment quickly.